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GOP congressman who questioned 2020 election results illegally voted in three elections​

According to publicly available voter records, Georgia GOP Rep. Drew Ferguson voted in a county where he no longer lives, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Ferguson, who has voiced concerns in the past about election fraud, voted in person in Troup County during early voting for this year's May primary, the November general election and this month's U.S. Senate runoff after selling his house in April. As AJC points out, it's illegal in Georgia for voters to cast a ballot in a county where they don't live.

On his congressional website, Ferguson says that he lives with his wife in The Rock, which is 63 miles away from his former home in West Point. But voter registration records show that he never changed his address to his new home as required by law.

"Congressman Ferguson, previous mayor of West Point and lifelong resident, was registered to vote in his hometown," Ferguson's spokesman, Brian Piper, said in a statement. "Congressman Ferguson is currently in the process of transitioning his residency to his new home in Pike County."