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Dog 2.0

Super Anarchist
So, no mail in ballots?

The minority GOP wielding/gerrymandering majority power is what is tearing this country apart... and that corporations are people now.

RWNJ + Jesus (thanks to the Rove/Reagan era) = a Theocratic state.

The absolute opposite intent of the constitution of the USA!
No universal mail-in ballots.

Steam Flyer

Sophisticated Yet Humble
Eastern NC
There is no voter fraud you moron.

Mail in ballots should be standard across this once great nation.

How many times does the GOP get to lose the popular vote yet still believe they are the majority?

They have the Trump Train! They have the LOUDEST TV & radio announcers! Hell man, they even have BOAT parades! How the fuck can they be losing elections??!? There -must- be some kind of fraud involved!

Many of them can't grasp the concepts that maybe someone else is right, and that not everyone is a racist, fascist asshole.
No no, God says that every human being is a racist fascist asshole. How dare you argue!

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