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Well, at least one of them is still a virgin.

Sounds like someone's wife is lying about her weekly visits to her massage therapist, or a certain Governor is lying about poking his wife with his thumb in places not her mouth or ass.... 4 times....

Thelma Lou: "Gomer... Do you think we could get... A little more intimate?"
Gomer: "Why shure Thelma, lou! I was a hopin you'd arsk thet! How's about I put my finger in yer belly button fer starts?!"
Thelma Lou: "Well, that would be a great start Gomer!"
Thelma Lou: "Ummmm Gomer?...."
Gomer: "Yes Thelma Lou?"
Thelma Lou: "Ummm.... Gomer... That's not my belly button!"
Gomer: "Well,Goo-oolllie! Guess what Thelma Lou? That ain't my finger either!"


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I looked on the Gov's Twitter page and did not find that one. Anyone know if it is legit, or a doctored image?

Sounds fucked up. But, of late, we have seen some truly fucked up stuff from the right.
Like I said a while back - it's almost impossible to satirize them - they lower the bar faster than the satirists can write material.


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Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 4.40.36 AM.jpg

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 4.41.06 AM.jpg

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 4.41.48 AM.jpg


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Wouldn't have really surprised me if it was true but sadly....

Exactly. Time was, no one would have thought for a moment such a thing could possibly be true.

Then, the GOP metaphorically said "Hold my beer."