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Super Anarchist
Great Wet North
Well the landslide victory speaks volumes.
Running a 35 billion dollar surplus, people that can are abandoning failed liberal states and moving here and loving it.
Florida is not for everyone and that’s okay with me!
DeSantis got Covid correct following the real science. Schools were open in the fall of 2020 , silly masks are a distant memory.
WOW - the stupid is strong today.


We love him here in Florida!
He has done a wonderful job doing his job and not bending to the overreaching Federal government and silly progressive agenda.
Really? I know how you feel; my oldest friend loves DeSantis as well, to the point of nearly blocking me from his Facebook page when I corrected him. We're still friends, but I no longer waste time reading his DeSantis love songs.
I don't like DeSantis because he's flat too authoritarian for me; I think he would be a lousy president. His revenge-driven and vindictive anti-Disney policy stands out and accomplishes nothing. He is brilliant, as most people who graduate from Yale and Harvard are. But how he handled the hurricane lacked decisiveness, and he blew it by giving breaks to insurance companies, and that policy is now becoming a fact.
His rules are out of bounds also; why nitpick schools or business decisions requiring vaccination?
Initially, DeSantis grew his popularity by being middle of the road. Everyone liked him, but the moment he started winning elections, he went far right and revealed himself as untrustworthy. Honestly, I don't see him translating into a winning candidate; You cannot promise the people one thing and then do another.

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