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Is she now (correctly) asking for assistance? I have not been keeping up but hopefully she has. Heck, even DeSantis wasn't that weird.
That's gotta be a bitter pill to swallow.

Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been criticized for requesting federal aid in the wake of the tornadoes that ripped through the state despite previously speaking out against the "meddling hand of big government."

Sanders' plea for help has led to accusations of hypocrisy. During her gubernatorial campaign, she said she was running to defend the "right to be free of socialism and tyranny."

A spokesperson for the governor hit back at her critics, telling Newsweek they were using "a time of tragedy to score political points."

On Saturday, Sanders' office said the governor had spoken with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Deanne Criswell to discuss the state and federal response to the tornadoes. FEMA has since confirmed that Criswell will be traveling to Arkansas on Sunday to survey the tornado damage.



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Oh, go on, you know you want to try it.
Not only is that costume entirely non-functional as clothing for anything I have ever done or plan to do, it looks horribly uncomfortable, and I have far too much compassion for those whose eyesight such a sight would permanently destroy.