A really big franken-tri kit


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I have a great parts kit for building your ultimate franken-tri.

And yes, I bought an ad. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/almost-a-catamaran/

I am posting this thread because multihull guys are the only ones that might be interested, and Sailing Anarchy only allows 5 photos with ads. Here's some more info.

I had an old Macgregor 36 catamaran (Google will give you lots of info). Several years ago I dismasted. Someone had paid Randy Smyth to design a turbo-Macgregor project. A mast and Smyth mainsail were acquired, but the project was never finished, so I bought them. It was a big change. Original rig was 70's monohull design: 44 foot mast, masthead rig, big overlapping genoa. The new rig was a 52 foot mast, fractional rig, 100% jib. The foretriangle was almost exactly the same as a J-105, so I had an endless stream of cheap two year old J-105 jibs. The new rig really transformed the boat. Randy also said to widen the boat two feet. I didn't, but the previous owner had installed a heavy solid deck, so I got away with it because of the extra weight.

Anyway, the boat had been out of the water for a few years because of rotted daggerboard trunks. Did I mention I had to move the daggerboards back about 4 feet? I had hauled all the parts into the back yard to repair it, lighten it, widen it, yada yada yada. And that is when a windstorm blew a tree down onto the boat.

Enough. I think I am going to buy an F-boat. But I really hate to see my poor Macgregor come to such a sad end. There must be somebody out there in their 30's with some enthusiasm and a little skill that could make something of this mess. I am 72, and not willing to lose my dwindling number of sailing seasons to a project boat.

One hull was just barely scratched by the tree. The other hull is about a foot wider in the middle and the straight shear now curves up about 8 inches on each end. The cabin top is smashed in and all the internal structure is either broken or pulled away from the hull. It might be rebuildable, but I am thinking someone might want to make a franken-tri with a 36 foot center hull and a 52 foot mast. It would have awesome performance. You obviously would need two new amas and longer connecting beams than the 18 foot aluminum tubes of the Macgregor.

The boat is near Annapolis. There are more photos at: https://annapolis.craigslist.org/boa/d/gibson-island-free-sailboat-with/7601088440.html. I am happy to answer questions.

Here are a few photos from then and now.


Solomons2010 119.JPG





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How much are you asking for somebody to take it out back and kill it?
Oh you cruel man! I don't want to kill it. I want it nursed back to health. Besides, it is already out back, and my wife is getting a little grumpy asking when it is going to disappear.

I am thinking $10K if you take the hulls, the rigging, and the trailer. If you just take the rigging and the trailer, $12K.

By the way, those dagger rudders you see in the photo were built with some of the foam you sold me when you finished your remake of the Woods 40 footer. Much better than the barn doors Macgregor put under the sterns. There is also a 9.5 foot carbon daggerboard. There were two, but now there are 1.5.


Macgreger's are generally 12k to 17k in sailaway condition with factory trailers, the trailer is very short, and worth 1000 to 2500, the rig has some value, but it is 23 years old, I would store it if it wasn't too expensive, keeping in mind it was designed for a 3000lb cat with a 18ft beam


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Oh man just dump it and move on to something you can sail! Ain’t nobody gonna love or care about that the way you did having cobbled it together. Time to let go! Maybe Tim or Jim want a free spare rig but other than that…

Life is better when sailing!


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It does "look" visually like it might make a good tri. (Not for me of course).

Sure, 10 for a lightly used 50ft rig is probably fairly reasonable for the right person 1 in a million who are in the market for it & contemplating buying new- but like the other posters I have a feeling 5k or less =much better chance to move it, especially if you want the new owner to assume the dump fees/

I think you'll have to choose one or the other- either have to part it out yourself or give it away for free