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Saw in a North newsletter yesterday that Ken Read is coming to Auckland to do AC television commentary. Knows his stuff, obviously. Nice relaxed style.  The article did not state who he will be commentating for.
I do like the way Ken speaks. Enough high level stuff to keep yachties interested and laid back enough to not sound like a normal American.



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I do like the way Ken speaks. Enough high level stuff to keep yachties interested and laid back enough to not sound like a normal American.
And happy to voice his astonishment at the speed and agility of new foiling yachts (as in the AC50's last time).

Like all of us, I imagine he'll be pretty amped about the first AC75's races.

WHich VPN service are you using? I use private internet access, and I believe their servers are "share / identified"
I'm using ExpressVPN.

If you've got an Android TV box or an Android device, e.g. a phone or a Chromecast, and are au fait with Kodi, you can read this by Matt Huisman, and then if you're comfortable, follow his guide.

Note that in order to run the TVNZ add-on for Kodi, you will need to have a VPN running, where you're spoofing your location as New Zealand.



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New Zealand
Who do we think is going to be the Kiwi voice on commentary? PJ Montgomery? Cameron Dunn, Pete Lester? I wouldn’t mind someone younger that knows what they’re talking about. Maybe Leo Takahashi? Alex Maloney? 



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Sounds like Shirley Robertson and Ken Read are confirmed for the World Feed most of us will get. Haven’t seen any other names yet? 



Peter Lester Phil Robertson and Jesse Tuke with Scotty Stevenson and Toni Street shoreside according to TVNZ

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Eeee....nuff already with PJM - & Lester is no spring chicken, skip to a new generation please, but sailors, max' 10% for the 'TV personalities'  :D



What has been your experience with NBC Sports Gold?  As best I've been able to determine this service is the sole means for watching AC36 in the United States.  A subscription  costs in the neighborhood of $180.  That gives access to all the practice sessions, the ACWS and the Cup competition.  Of these, only the first - practice -  is available free of commercials.   World Series and Cup events will allow the minimum exposure time agreed to by NBC and contracting sponsors.  I'm having a hard time convincing myself I should pay for the service and give my time away to advertising.  Clearly, this is not the Pay Per View business model.

Telecasts of AC35 and Sailing GP events had the network interrupt an event regardless of the what was happening on the water.  Close crosses, telling tactical moves and like events that contribute uniquely to the outcome were relegated to replays - another interruption - or missed entirely.   Banal commentary, often on subjects only weakly related to sailboat racing and rarely having anything to do with the race while we watch it, burdened discontinuity with disappointment.   I'm looking to folks who have used NBC Sports Gold to warn me if I should expect the broadcast to be little better than what NBC offers on a non-subscription basis.  Is NBC Sports Gold a reiteration of what I see through a cable service?  How often and in how many ways am I expected to pay for a privilege?

The sole alternative may be waiting for videos of the racing to be posted on YouTube.  I'd be in a position to say how much am I willing to pay to watch the events live if I could be assured of the quality of the telecast.



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I’m willing to pay for the NBC thing if it is commercial-free. Would like to know if that’s the deal? 

Otherwise, will just use a VPN and watch it on or YT. 



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If YouTube is not offered, there will be the one or the other pirate site around. Plus a HDMI cord or - for the ones with a smarter TV set - wireless projection, and you can get the broadcast for free.
Ad blocker and AV software are mandatory.



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We get NBC Sports, have not even seen if our carrier has Gold.

Maybe the screaming Aussie from Banging the Corners can do YouTube?