AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)


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New Zealand
Nothing against PB, who I have enormous admiration for too, but yes: I had the same reaction to that video, for this and other ways JS spoke in that interview. He is very-very bright and confident, charisma-wise, still. I doubt either helm will have a pressure meltdown but am convinced that if either does, it will not be JS! 
Jimmy is still of the old school generation, where off the water antics are just as important as on the water. Being able to talk the talk was part of the game back then. Mind games were critical. Not so much now. Pete is of the generation where you shut up and let your results do the talking. Olympic and World Champions are trained and used to dealing with pressure. They just shrug the pressure off and concentrate on the task at hand. Charisma is no longer important. 

The quality of the questions from those stupid muppets impersonating Journo's I am surprised he's not decked a few of them... Some of the questioning seriously put's into  question what these clowns are being taught at school - let alone in a trade course.....
Gotta agree there  ^_^   Although his "slam dunk" answer to NO's question I think proves my point.