AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)


Super Anarchist
I am not looking forward the cup ends in Italian hands.
An old civil war between rich and poor is what I was told the mafia is.

And to settle it, make a rightfull government..

Possible, not even hard, but feasible.

I am pretty convinced the cup is a pre set game.
To give the cup to the Italians is a dangerous move.
With much more foul play ahead.
Maleducatamente disimformato e pieno di preconcetti. Complimenti, Il gran visir del luogo comune.



Super Anarchist
I've only got the good (really good!) stuff left after this week..... and already had a (ahem) wee dramm with Pot 2 at OMG what the fuck am I drinking at this time in the morning.....
Don't beat yourself up about it, on the off chance that LR should take the thing I'll find myself in the same situation for the 37th edition.


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