AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)


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10 Knots at Bean Rock with 15 knots peak.

12 Knots with 18 knots peak at Manukau heads.

Nice breeze here in Poncenby.



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Shanghai, China
"Is it say 50m from the max lead while out of bounds" doesn't assert that you can.

LR first copped a penalty on the left side of the course. It was then given a double penalty while outside the right side of the course. It gybed back onto the course, then soon after was given a 3rd penalty after being told to drop back further.

I'm just looking for the rationale for the point that the drop back distance is taken from and how long they have to do the penalty. Sometimes the umpires says "you have another 30m to go", but by the time it's cleared the boat has lost 50m with momentum so ends up losing 100m or more.
not sure but i think it was because they broke a rule by deliberately going out of bounds then gained further advantage by getting onto their foils while out of bounds. A bit like a red flag penalty where if a boat gains advantage while breaking a rule they will keep getting penalties until that advantage is negated. If you notice they sailed towards the bottom mark on their foils while out of bounds

Could be wrong - only Richard Slater could clear that one up I guess



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There's a video around that explains it.  I'm sure with your impeccable skills you will locate it.
If you mean this, Ken Read just says "for boundary penalties you must drop back 50 metres regardless of the position of the other yacht". The question that hasn't been answered is "50 m from what"?

There is this from the last cup which says "The penalty for going out of bounds is to get back in bounds, and then slow down and lose two lengths relative to the other boat", which clearly doesn't apply in this cup.

If they want to get tough on going out of bounds, put another boundary say 2 boat lengths beyond the actual boundary that, if crossed, is a DSQ. So you have warning at 4, penalty at 0 and DSQ at -2. At the moment the size of the penalty seems to be at the umpire's discretion.



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NOOOOOOOO!  Watching the bows sinking slooowly into the water, up a little,  down a little,  was exquisite torture.  My wife (!) and I were yelling at the screen.  Watching the teams trying to get up on foils was just as involving!  Screaming GO! GO! INSANE Laughing!  Yelling ‘’BRING THE WHOPPER!”
Mrs Amati might have been screaming for a different WHOPPER!! :D



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Huge spectator fleet out there already - the fleet markers seem to be set further into the harbour than previously?

Maybe giving IM more room to rotate the course if necessary?


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Horn Rock

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Byron Bay
Well, you can't really beat up on the guy this time around. He's very nearly been likeable, no? 
I've warmed to Jimmy this time around. He's got a lot of experience, and has matured. He's not the skipper this time around, so he can't really just go mouthing off like he used to.

A couple of cracks appeared in the 2 helm setup yesterday - they didn't anticipate that pass until way too late. 



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if it heads the way it's looking like it will be escorted off site today...... not pleasant - neither is cleaning up the mess this muppet has / will leave behind.....
In my IT career this has happened to me. It wasn’t personal and they sure gave me a big nice cheque as I walked out the door.