AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)


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Look I had to sleep with TVNZ reporter Emily van Velthooven to get that little snippet of pillow talk about the nationality rules. So just believe me.

The things I do for you guys


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So they released the protocol after 4 months but a memorandum of understanding (or some such) will have been signed about 2 seconds after the last race.
You guys are completely off tack with this.  All that is required is someone to pitch up immediately after the last race to the Defender (RNZYS) or the Winners Yacht Club and challenge in the format described in the deed of gift.  Now the fact is a lot of that has already been decided and I doubt if you could slip a credit card between the gap between the RNZYS rep and the RYS during the next yacht race.

The prospective Challenger could specify 90ft monohull's but what will most likely be specified is that the Defender and the Challenger will decide.

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Watching and listening this last race from LR's stern cam was entertaining. 

Thanks for that whomever.



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Now LR need some divine help to win. San Francisco and all the other  saints, but especially him, please help us in this hour of need :D :D :D  
Unfortunately I don't see it coming. 2013 there was a very clear speed edge for Oracle. Suddenly they had far superior flight control. Now TR has the speed edge. LR is sailing better than TR, but TR is fast enough to catch up after a mistake by them or a good move by LR. And once they get a bit of lead LR has no chance to get close.

Now we saw a even start. LR had a better position, but TR almost had enough speed edge to take the lead. Boats other way around TR would have rolled LR.

You can say LR made a mistake. But TR was so close with their speed that at every cross they had a new change. If LR made a mistake, it was after the leeward mark. They should have tacked and followed TR. Then tried to keep them at the short side. The speed edge is too much for allowing half a course for TR.

Now I know most ETNZ supporters think JS is a cock sucker ofthe highest order, ...his dickhead behaviour in SF pretty much cemented him as such. But (and it’s a big BUT) it’s pretty clear now that it’s the team that has shaped him into the person he is today. In my opinion Oracle were a bunch of pricks, from the top all the way through to the boat cleaners...they thought they were bigger than the Cup and their behaviour was to act like wankers, basically from 2010 to 2017. To me LR have obviously instructed JS to act with dignity, grace and poise, to give praise where praise is due. To me it makes him rather likeable. He looks relaxed, he looks like he’s enjoying himself, he seems to be comfortable with his team and his own ability. I like this side of JS, long may it continue!

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