AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)


Couple of things I'd like to see before they pack these beasts away:

Nautical mile record (currently 55.3kts), might be touch and go.

D class record (51.4kts).

24 hour record - 39kts avg, these beasts could beat that on a reach in 10kts.

Would be amazing on a Coastal classic - current race record is only about 24kts average over course.

For AC37 I'd like to see them cut down the class to 45ft length to reduce wind shadow on these tight courses, crew of 5 or 6, additional fixed lift foil under hull to assist getting up on foils before coming clear of water in marginal conditions and more easily internationally campaigned.  Maybe a retractable keel for oh shit moments to allow righting while making foil arms lighter and for lifting and less draggy when submerged (no bulb).



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I want to congratulate in particular with @Forourselves who is a diehard Kiwi fan.

We had many fight here on the forum but I always respect people proud of their Country.

Good job mate. Deserved victory. Now time for the party!
Thank you so much! I really wish I was in Auckland at the Viaduct with the thousands of Kiwi's down there, but work beckoned. So I'm now watching it on TV. It is what it is.

Congratulations Italy and Luna Rossa on a hard fought and well executed campaign. Luna Rossa were a more than worthy challenger. They really forced the Kiwi boys to get the best out of their boat.

But in the end, we did just that.

Looking forward to the future, but for now...Cheers boys!




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Strider. We know what's its like to be on the receiving end but LRPP can hold their heads high. I was fortunate enough to see the LRPP supporters when LR dispensed with the Americans and then the poms. They were loud in support for their team but the first to honor their competitors. These are the same young people who will be deeply disappointed today. They won my respect.

 If you ever come to NZ I will buy you a beer or vino and I am sure I will not be the only one

Thanks mate



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Thanks mate
Yeah I remember 2003, 2007 and 2013, which were not fun years. San Francisco was a real kick in the guts and I really though ETNZ were dead in the water. I really do know what your going through. 

The TV were saying that LR were confirmed to coming back, so you might get your revenge. 

Losing the cup is not fun, but the Italian fans were a real class act. You guys will be welcomed back with open arms 

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I must say you Italians put up an amazing fight.  Really worthy opponents!  It is a pity there is no silver medal.  But it is said you will be back!

Congratulations to Luna Rossa and her fans !!