AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)

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So, last time Dalton was hidden away in a boat with no signal to receive the desired CoR.

Did we miss that part? Or has it changed how CoR is determined?
That is not how it worked!

The challenge is between yachtclubs, as stipulated in de Deed of Gift, and usually the respective Commodores will be ready to do the deed.

Dalton's or rather ETNZ's influence depends on their contract with the RNZYS.

We will hear soon who the Challenger is, and later what the agreed conditions will be.

Meanwhile we will speculate and spread plenty false info here on SA.



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Well dun boath teemz! 2 ov the best teemz  in enny koad, enny endever, ever.

Rayss 9 woz the best AC rayss Ive seen in my hole lyf.

LR was a massiv thret, keeping ahed for a big chunk ov moast rayssez.

And yet, TNZ hav set the bar hyer than it haz ever been, and they kleerd it.

Shor teem, bote bilderz, dezynerz ... and of korss the leederz and support starff.

Bravo, forza, viva, et Encore !!!

And az to NZ for beeing sutsh grate hoasts, I hav no werds.



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They said they hadn't received any demands.....but were going to provide funding to keep the team together, as long as the cup is held in NZ.
Nuthing spolyz a good theery lyk hard fakts. 

(sumwun rote "NZ PM Jacinda Ardern carved to Daltons demands")

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Our American friends in this forum seem very silent, you would of  though they would be congratulating us.
No problem here, beautifully run cup & well earned victory, savor it well, been up front from early days with support for LR but slowly & surely the superior design came to the fore. (hope it wasn't wrong to lift a glass of the EW in a toast)

And I would say to those idiots constantly bagging on the boats & format, it's not rose colored shades they look to the past with, it's a goddamn welding hood.



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If anyone doubts what this means to NZ, we are now over an hour of coverage taken over the national news broadcast. Clearly nothing else has happened on the planet today, and if it has, we dont give a fuck.