AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)


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Oh come on @strider470, where is your normal indomitable spirit????

Sure the correct answer is that Francesco Bruni will always be tops after he wins the next 4 cups????

You are really off your game!  :lol:
I don't care for the Cup or even sailing. Now I can tell you. My teacher of English sent me here, it is part of the "swearing and cursing in English" class. :D

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This won't let me upload the photo but when ETNZ crossed the line we all got a can of Steinlager saying "America's Cup 36 Winner" at a bar in Christchurch yesterday. 

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New Zealand
Watching Race 8 again (that race) and wow! This race is easily the most dramatic AC races of all time!

On the day, it was such a roller coaster of emotions, from nervous, to absolutely gutted, to absolute joy.

I'm not ashamed to say, I felt nothing for LR on that day, as that was such a huge race for the Kiwi boys.

But on watching it back, I feel terrible for the Italians. They did everything right, but for one bad tack that cost them the race. Man that is hard to watch the Italians just get absolutely mowed down, 2 legs from the finish.




Just found out that Andy, the driver of the media Photo Boat that I went out on back in December, is Blair Tuke's proud Dad!

He told me that he came down from Kerikeri to go out as a Prada volunteer for the Cup, but I never clicked.

Photos by Chris Cameron.

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Nice, NZ is a small place I windsurfed with Andy waaaay back when windsurfing was a thing and Blair wasnt



rantro said:
Think like a 10 year old.  Look at a foiler, then an opti. 

Which would you want to be on?
That is a silly question, there is a reason we dont give 10 year olds the choice between a Ferrari or a Prius. A better question would be do you want to wear goggles and a pony bottle, be followed around by a chase boat with 2 divers and have a team of 120 running your boat so you can go out for a sail? 



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A point about this race:

Actually I retract that, watched the stern cam & the audio has them surprised to not be laying just after the gybe so it seems they assumed LR had gybed on lay & probably would have continued if they had realised LR wasn't laying.



rantro said:
Have you had a few head knocks lately?
you keep trying to sell me something, I'm just not buying. I appreciate these boats for what they are- its not sailing its foiling and they are two different sports with some overlap. Because  SAAC is a bubble we dont realise the actual viewer numbers out in the wide world and the level of interest in the boats,  its a lot less than what we think. The AC and foiling is a niche within a niche. So when you ask a question about opti vs foilers its a non question if its a reflection on optis which happen to be one of the most popular dinghies ever. Two different sports, sport



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rantro said:
Australia does not have to prove anything to anybody in sailing.

I think that is at the heart of the absence as a team.

Been there done that, got the T-shirt.
Ha, ha. Real same you guys don't have it anymore.

Still, you've got that world famous in Aussie, S2H coastal race thingy, right? Good oh.


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