AC36 - The Match


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The whole point of my post is that it was obvious in Bermuda that Burling was sandbagging in the starts. Draper explicitly stated this on air.

Is Burling doing this again? Fuck nose, but it cannot be ruled out.

I for one think ETNZ are going to open a king sized can of whoop arse on LR and have said as much.

Am I wrong? Well, you and the rest of the Anarchists can barbeque me if I am ;)
I don't think you're wrong, Jays. 7 - 3 to ETNZ. And racing will be close, I'm thinking.



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True story ...

On Torpedo Bay wharf this afternoon with Gilles Martin-Raget (as you do), waiting for our boat to come in.

A group of serious-looking wet suit-clad swimmers passing under the wharf just as Te Rehutai flies past - one jumps up on the wharf steps and yells out to the others to stop and watch.

Then he says to me (after expressing his admiration for TR) that he spoke to Brad Butterworth the other day and Brad says 7-0 to Luna Rossa.  :blink:

Then he says,

... but my cousin (Warwick Fleury!) reckons Brad's got that wrong ...

You heard it here!

Brad Butterworth's word has exactly the same value as a first full of flies. 

Brad is a long time betrayer of truth and honour. If Brad was drowning, I'd throw him the anchor chain. He adds negitive value to this world. He's a taker, a horder and a sore loser. 

The winner of the AC36 is too difficult to pick at this stage. All of the best people worthy of listening to are saying the same thing. Emirates Team New Zealand will be faster but haven't had much race time. 

It's too hard to pick. 



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It's the flag of Sardegna, where Cagliari is the main city. And speaking about sheeps... You will not find an Italian region with more sheeps than Sardegna! :D :D

And it's not an ugly place for sightseeing between the races!

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Is that in the North? If so, it's a bit too far away from Cagliari for a day trip. 

I haven't seen such beauty during my stay in Cagliari, the TP52 took most of my attention. 


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