Adding Stickers to Pentex Sails


I have a Pentex Jib for a Nacra Infusion and it's starting to show its age.. some crinkles and creases in the lower panels.

I was wondering if i could extend the life of the sail by adding vinyl stickers to:

a) protect against further creasing/wrinkles

B) to 'smooth' out the sail.

My guess is it would help.. but i would lose some sensitivity for trimming in light wind.

Any thoughts?

thanks in advance.



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Pentex comes in many forms, both woven and laminated; you need to be more specific.

In general, I'd say that adding these stickers may you give you some added chafe protection at the spreaders and any places where the sail makes contact with stanchions or rig, However, I can't see it giving you any longer life though.

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Many a monofilm windsurfing sail has returned to service with the appplication of heavy-duty clear packing tape and stickers.

Clean the sail well and have at it - just know that thing is on the way out and this only delays the inevitable.

Contact your sailmaker and ask for self adhesive dacron.They use it for sail numbers, sail marks and some use it even for UV-protection. They are availible in many colors and on rolls approx. 150 cm wide ~60 inches wide. I think they will last longer than vinyl plastics and will not cost a fortune, depending on your relation with your sailmaker.


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Taping can give you a little more use but its more like a 'repair' than a new life.

The delamination and shrinkage will continue no matter what.

Ditto the dacron tape rather than vinyl type of stickers. The small amount of 'give' in the dacron won't contribute as much to tearing apart the aging sail as it stretches like plastic can.


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