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If its a ballasted boat then add it to the ballast, if its an unballasted boat then don't add weight unless class rules force you to, in which case as close to the centre of pitching as the rules permit.
This is what I thought too.  Seems to be the general opinion of the thread. Thanks to everyone for their contribution.


Steve Clark

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It also depends on the design. On the 470 it was thought that CG aft was more important than gyradius.

On the Finns, we tried to get it just aft of where the skipper hiked.  The Finn class uses a  Lamboley Test to limit the weight concentration and the LCG.  It was pretty interesting tying to get 45 Finns in the same corner of the permitted range.



Phil S

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A story about adding weight to satisfy class rules:

30 years ago I built my son a foam sandwich/glass Sabot (Aust version) and it turned out about 6kg lighter than allowed, and the class rules limited lead to 2kg. We did not want to just add resin so installed some big hardwood blocks inside the bulkheads into which we screwed the toe stap mounts.

Many years later we saw the boat at another club and it has been repainted a couple of times and added some weight. My (by then adult) son suggested to the new owners that they could remove the hardwood blocks and get it back to class minimum weight. To his and their surprise they were still in there.

I believe the boat is still sailing and has proven plenty strong enough even when it was originally so light.


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On a yacht that depends upon a low centre of mass for its stability, you want to add the mass low down.  However, on a dinghy that is already sufficiently stable and uses body weight to stay upright you want to add any additional mass high up - top of the mast if possible.  That increases the rotational inertia making a more more docile boat that you can react more slowly to.  Just the same as it is easier to balance a broom on your hands upside down that it is the right way up.   ;)

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