Advanced and future boat building trends

I'm curious if there have been articles written about or speculation on what the future of boat building will be in a few years, in a few decades. Anything from materials, process, design. It seems the cost to build is continuing to go up with the incentive driving boat builders towards larger multi-purpose sailboats instead of dedicated racing boats. At least in a range for near-shore sailing.


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I think 3D printing will be the thing. Either using tows or unidirectional reinforcement (cured via UV light?) or maybe even metal. Metal might be kind of an interesting engineering challenge because you'd be able to vary the thickness where needed.


For racing and small editions it's hard to beat Wood Epoxy. The only problem is having skilled workers and good wood. The third generation uv stabilized epoxies really cut the labor costs, but you don't see them used widely out side of surfboards. Too bad, I remember teaching Meade, about flow coating and it just didn't connect for him. Basically, buyers are either "traditionalist" or "aerospace" types that seldom want something that is easily made. Breakthroughs come from owner builders with tight budgets, and big hearts [like Russell].

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