Aegean lawsuit


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We also have handheld DSC-GPS-VHF requirements w registered MMSI for dismasting, capsize, COB, redundancy..
Also a good idea . . . But there are range and battery issues with handhelds.
Aegeon was out of handheld range for the USCG, and probably the Mexicans. They would most probably have been in range of some racing boats, if those boats had their radios on and could hear them in the cockpit. There was a commercial ship around, but I can't remember if it was within handheld range or not - I think not but am not sure.

Whenever I go to use my handheld I find the batteries dead. I fully admit this is just sloppiness on my part, but safety practice needs to acknowledge that humans are by nature sloppy.

DSC is great "in theory", but a bit lacking in practice . . . Starting with the fact that +90% of dsc installations (in the USA) do not have either an MMSI or a GPS connection. And very few people who gave a proper installation have made or heard a (test) dsc mayday. The number of actual dsc maydays the uscg responds to is very very small (like single digits).

Re the lawsuit . . . The "interesting" question is if you advertise an SOS/911 capability, what sort of response must you be able to provide. I would think it should be essentially identical to the public capabilities (epirb and 911) in terms of all the important metrics, as these terms have been defined by their public implementations.
True but locally vhf is good. We had voice and DSC position polling success at 25 miles fixed mount- as a boat had rounded maintop. The benefit of DSC in a race environment is the net/repeater effect- it keeps propagating the alert which improves the range of handheld and fixed mount. We also have several fleet rescues locally (USS rescue at sea winners) which DSC enhances. Class D and MMSI were required for race entry to be valid. Education and familiarity w the equipment is important. Our practice session included a distressed vessel in the marina. a fixed mount as the RC role and the handhelds to represent the fleet. Very popular joint exercise To move from theory to practice- takes practice

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I would guess the Aegean was well within handdeld range of USCG / DHLS

There are Many Eyes and Ears out in the dark around that area 100% of the time

and from shore the USCG can pick up a faint VHF signal from many places high above the water - you might not hear them But .......

as for the commercial ship in the area, it was to the South of the Coronado's

and the Aegean was against the North Wall of the Island so Zero Line of Sight

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Someone picked up on the thread here over at a soaring forum as they have similar needs and concerns over SPOT capabilities and use. A pretty sober crowd over there but this popped up which I couldn't help but offer here.


Mar 30 (14 hours ago)

Excerpt from the report on this accident:

"Based on all factors, the panel concludes that the skipper set a waypoint that took Aegean on a path that intersected North Coronado Island, that Aegean was motoring under autopilot as she approached the island, and there is no evidence of any intervention to prevent Aegean's running into the island".

The SPOT is not a navigation device, The captain F up he cost everybody their lives, none of them were wearing life preservers, This is speculation but his wife is probably being sued and her only recourse it to in turn sue everybody she can to try to off set her husbands tragic mistake.

This is also speculation, the captain was so pissed off that the SPOT would not transmit a message conveying the emergency that he beat and killed all of the crew with the SPOT. As a report stated they all died of blunt force trauma, couldn't possibly have happened because they weren't wearing life preservers and there was 4 to 6 foot seas.
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Some Cops get gut feelings when they see unique juxtapositions of evidence in a case.

The owner of the Aegean was a software wonk.

I saw a picture of one of his crew wearing an Obama mask.

The SPOT timeline showed what looked like out of sequence traffic.

Question: Could a bunch of bad guys in a black RIB have boarded them and did them in?


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I don't think anybody is all that surprised after the VESTAS crash in the Indian ocean that some non-pros might make a similar error.

No need for anyone to get nasty - but there sure doesn't seem to be much of a case for outside corporate malfeasance either. Failure to keep a proper watch has killed many mariners, and unless you are a Deputy Sherriff there is no recourse for hitting something you should have seen.