Aftermarket Bowsprits


I too was leaning toward the Trogear system, but when I spoke to two riggers, they both recommend the Selden sprit.  It was a little less expensive, and I am very happy with it.  We have ditched our spinnaker pole and use the sprit exclusively for both spin sets and with the Code zero.  It is super easy to use and lets us remove one person from dealing with gybes at the mast.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how much of a sprit length I needed without killing my PHRF rating.  In retrospect, I probably should have made it a bit longer, as I settled on 2.17' beyond the J,  That cost me 3 seconds in my rating on the Chesapeake.  Like everything else, it is a compromise.  I also bought the Selden GX furler and Code zero through Quantum.  It took a little while to get used to it, as furling the sail is not quite as easy as it looks in the videos you are seeing.  But as the season went on, it became easier.  Good luck.



I've been researching this for my 115.  My loft preferred that I go with a factory retrofit retractable sprit however that is looking cost prohibitive.  So I am now waiting for Trogear to let me know what the longest they can custom make an Atlas sprit from my boat.  The stock length will put me at 46" past J.  The factory sprit is 5'.   If I can have a custom Trogear made that will get me close to 5', I am probably going to go that route.  

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You want the sprit to be as light as possible. That is certain. Just like you want your mast as light as possible.

The reason your mast has shrouds, and is not freestanding or an A frame, is well proven to be the lightest and cheapest way to go.

So do your sprit like it was done long ago, or is done today on boats where light is more important than fashion:

Your sprit should be a round carbon tube taking only compression, zero bending loads. And just like your mast or spinnaker pole, use stays to keep the tip where you want it.

So I vote no on Seldon, Trogear, retractable J style, and TP52 fashion pieces. Do it like a mini 650.



I got a carbon tube from a shop in my port that was hanging there for ages and built a "selden style" fixed yet removable sprit.

It is offset so the anchor chain can be opened and the tip is centerline. To do that ewe had to put a stainless steel plate and grind the front toerail

It works wonders

total price about 600€

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