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I'm looking for some language that will allow me to bring Capitan's boat back from Mexico to California and have some yard work done. He is now 89 and I am a lifelong crew and want to help him out. Also, are there any other flourishes needed (aka notarization)? Many thanks!


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I don't recall the federal clowns in San Diego ever looking at the registration... I don't think they would have any cause to question your possession of the boat without some other incriminating circumstance. Getting out of Mexico, cancelling the TIP for example, might be eased with a notarized letter of authorization from the registered owner. The Mexican officials actually look at the paperwork, admire the stamps and flourishes, etc...



We've checked in to the US via the CBP-ROAM app on my phone the past two trips to Ensenada. The officers don't even come to the customs dock any more.

Provide some data on who's aboard and they call you and have a short conversation, and you're done. I know some have not even bothered to go into San Diego, just check in at sea while going north.



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^^^   CBP much prefer this method. A bit cumbersome as you have to send foto's of passports. USA does not care about 'zarpe' or clearance papers from other countries. You will need ins coverage for marina's


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