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I'm looking for some language that will allow me to bring Capitan's boat back from Mexico to California and have some yard work done. He is now 89 and I am a lifelong crew and want to help him out. Also, are there any other flourishes needed (aka notarization)? Many thanks!



This is the wording I've used as the captain of a LLC-owned vessel in Mexico (Ensenada) without issues.  letter was on company letterhead and needed to be signed  by LLC owner and notarized.  The notarization is important, and make sure that the spelling of everything on the letter (owner's name, boat name, etc) matches the spelling on the vessel registration.  Make sure that the TIP is on the boat as well for clearing out.  In my experience no one gives a shit coming into the US, but doesn't hurt to have the letter.

To Whom it may concern:

Please be advised that MY NAME is authorized to act as captain of the Cayman Islands flagged vessel BOAT NAME, O.N. XXXXXX, and to make all decisions pertaining to the operations of said vessel. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at [email protected] or PHONE NUMBER.

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