Ajax makes front page!


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Looks like CA's Resident Racer made the front page. Got a pic of his 4ktsb on there too!

Props Ajax. Your enthusiasim for sailing is inspirational, and brings back many memorys of when I first learned to sail.

So when are you buying a Mumm 30? ;)



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I'll jump in and say I follow and appreciate your adventures and I am learning much vicariously. Yay, Ajax!

Hi, BoomB!



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What's the stuff under the boat?? Oh ya...water!!

Attaboy Ajax

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You all had a hand in creating this monster, so feel proud or ashamed as appropriate. ;) Ever since Moe took me sailing, I knew I had to have my own kite.

Thanks for a great, first year.



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OK, so I thought I'd look for this mythical front page, so I googled "ajax front page" and all I get is some crap about "asynchronous javascript and xml". So I can only conclude this is a hoax. And since Ajax is a computer geek I'm also wondering if that is the basis of his name...

But seriously, good on ya Ajax!



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I wish one of you guys could have posted a link. It took me 10 minutes to find the right page and then another 5 to load.

Only 83 items to go. Yippee ! . . . . . Waiting . . . . . . waiting . . . . . A mere 14 items to go. Oh, be still my beating heart.

You have to go easy with these public displays of boat restorative skills though Ajax. You'll make lots of new friends but they all have ulteriors.

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Well, thanks to you Ajax CA is not always on the bottom.

Proof that you don't have to clog up bandwidth with uninformed shit to be a proper sailor, You don't even need the fastest boat to be a proper sailor, You certainly don't need the biggest budget to be a proper sailor. You just need respect for the sea, respect for those who can teach you (and being able to tell who is full of shit), and to get your ass out there and sail to be a proper sailor!

Love your work Ajax!

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