Alfa for Hobart '09 - plus five more 100 footers?


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Thanks mate, would also love to see the full results when they come out.
Loyal was always going to start with the trysail. They had issues with their main after the finish of the Hobart. They got 47.8 knots of breeze recorded. Droughty Point had 58 knots. Loved the way that quite few "ocean racers" retired while the Sabre dinghies still kept sailing.



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To those of you on macs, wmv files play fine on quicktime, BUT you need to download flip4mac;displaylang=en
You would also do yourselves a favour by downloading Perian

Makes life easy / compatible on a mac.

edit: beat me to it :) I am on 10.6 and the new QT btw.
I've got Perian and flip4mac installed - QT 10 still says 'not compatible'.

Have we just seen the last of the great 100ft maxi battles?
You might be right - but if we get a number of 80 footers instead that might be just as much fun to watch.

Well done to all. Awesome to experience, all from the comfort of the kitchen table via a laptop this year.
You just wait for OTWA next year. I *promise* you'll see a heck of a lot more.

Anyone has ideas for what they want, post them up now. Suggestions, offers of help - whatever you can give. We want to show the big boys how it's done next time around.
Mmmm.......I am in the hardware side, may be able to help out. Lmk what you are thinking, I may be able to help. :unsure: