Alinghi Challenge AC37


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New Zealand

4himself thinks the kiwis not winning in France is full domination of a series so on that basis GB that haven't won the AC makes them the most dominant AC contender
You only have to listen to the commentators to hear how many times they referred to NZ as "Dominant"

"SailGP’s international commentators have praised the condensed four-race format of Copenhagen and dissected all the racing action from the event, including the unchallenged dominance of the Kiwis.

Kiwis dominate Copenhagen SailGP 2022​

Even Tom Slingsby had a cry over NZs dominance
"“All of this damage over something so stupid. We would have happily given the position and now we have all this damage because Peter Burling wanted one extra point. It’s ridiculous.” Slingsby said

"Burling said: “We were overlapped for a very long time and they were closing down to us so we were fully within our rights to do what we were doing. It was exactly the same situation with Canada and they got out of the way.

“I think as drivers we might need to pitch in for some anger management lessons for Tom, I think it’s out of line, the swear words he was saying afterwards on our race management channel.”

When your opponent cries because you're just better than them, thats the result.

he Kiwis have continued their dominating streak, winning two of three fleet races to finish day one of the Range Rover France Sail Grand Prix in pole position. New Zealand has now won nine of the last 13 races

Pure dominance.
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New Zealand



Alinghi is back on the water


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Not a bad sponsorship portfolio for an energy drink company...

Red Bull sure has their branding and marketing honed in!
The boat does look cool, including with the new after-burner stripes on the aft now.

But it's late September, they sailed it today for a time in displacement mode but have still not gotten going with BZ. That syndicate may be too late for a serious AC37 Challenge unless they surprise us soon, maybe with a hot test/development boat.


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but have still not gotten going with BZ
From the facebook page just now...