Alinghi Challenge AC37


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Can't be the fastest if their chase boat can keep up with 2x350s and the Americans are running with 3 - 4 Mercury 400/450s
I’m not at work right now so can’t double check, but if I remember correctly, AM only went with a bunch of 350’s and some 400’s.


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that'll buff right out



This is gonna be epic once the teams master their craft! It'll be interesting to see the teams direction they decide to go in given they may have a decent sea state to contend with this time around. This may be a test of seamanship as well as design this time around

How cool is that! seeing these boat in other but perfect conditions is great!


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New Zealand
Looks neither fast nor stable. Don't much care if they turtle it, Ernie getting hi hands back on the precious would be an unmitigated disaster.
Ernie has kept his team at the top of their game since 2010. His goal seems to have changed from winning at all costs, to promoting Swiss sailing, and he's done just that, unlike Larry Ellison who came and went and left NYYC to pick up the pieces.


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I almost feel sorry for these guys. They are going through the growing pains of sailing this new class boat on one of the most unstable versions ever built. You can tell it is very squirrely, it was for ABNZ at times and they designed and practiced on simulators for it.

Alinghi has very little experience in the proper timing of the manurers and techniques. It is like training a kid how to ride a bicycle using a dirt tack racing motorcycle. So many ways to get into trouble without any training wheels. Add sailing on rough water and it must be a nightmare.

It may have been a deliberate way for ABNZ to sabotage the Alinghi team. Talk a competitor into spend months preparing, launching and learning how to sail a boat that is on the edge of stability, and charge them millions for the privilege! LOL
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