Aluminum RIB bottom paint question


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Now THIS is more like it, I just need to move over to a slightly wider slip and get a float.
Not beating a dead horse but it's all about finding a way to keep out of the water that works for your setup. The bow quarter in the slip can work well too via halyard, only need to get up a few feet. Have seen ok setup with fenders and bow roller to pic small amount. Some marinas are Nazis about the dingy though.


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I have a 14' aluminum dinghy that is not a RIB.

I have way too many coats of interprotect on it (I believe six) and two coats of Trilux. As @slug zitski describes it is chalky and gets all over stuff, but it works.

I suppose if I had rubber tubes that were part of that I would have to use different paint on the tubes.

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