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42 outa 48. Old again seems to have a knack. And besides, choose one wrong and you end up with an automatic two wrong points so in fact only had 3 wrong, if you know what I mean. And congrats Jersey Guy.




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42 outa 48. Old again seems to have a knack. And besides, choose one wrong and you end up with an automatic two wrong points so in fact only had 3 wrong, if you know what I mean. And congrats Jersey Guy.


Lemme tell you about old. 20-25 years ago I'm at an enclosed shopping mall. There were a few 1950s cars on display. One was a Ford retractable hardtop. Dead giveaway what it was because of the really ungainly rear quarters for all the space needed to house the top when it was down. I'm probably in my early to mid 40s at the time. This clown in his 20's, all nicely dressed in a suit, looks to me and says--"excuse me sir, can you tell me what this is?" Damn near smacked him.

Now if y'all will excuse me, time for a quick nap and then off to the buffet for dinner at 4:30 to take advantage of the old fart discount.



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46 out of 48- got the Kaiser and the Willys wrong. Most of them I just clicked without looking at the others, but I'm 62 and didn't miss much in the 50's. I remember studying the New Car Issue of Life Magazine when it came out and going to the dealers at that time of year just to look at em. Always two cars. Dad jumped around- Studebakers and Chryslers then Corvettes when he was flush and middle aged. Wagons for Mom, starting with a 49 Ford and then Pontiacs- 54, 59, 64, 67 and then I lost track of the years, but Pontiacs to the end.

True story. After my father died, Mom needed a car, sometime in the late 80's, she was in her late 60's. I lived 1,000 miles away. I told her to just go see Ray Steidel, who had sold my father all those Pontiacs. She didn't need a wagon, so I told her to get whatever they had in a small car, I think it was a Sunbird and they had a convertible. She gets a car and calls.

Hi son, I bought a car, Ray set me up just like you suggested.

Oh neat Mom, did you get a convertible.

No, but it has a Corvette engine in it.

Uhhhh, Mom, what did you buy?

Ray says it has a Corvette engine in it, you know your Dad loved his corvettes. And it is the most comfortable car I've ever sat in.

What do you mean Mom?

Well it has electric seats and I can get really high and close and reach the pedals. Best car I've ever sat in. (Mom stood about 5'4").

Uhhh, Mom, did you drive it?

No, Ray is getting it ready for me to pick up.

Uhhhh, Mom, does have a big bird on the hood?

No its all white just like your Dad's cars.

Uhhhh, Mom, is it a Firebird?

Yeah, thats it, sunbird, Firebird. I like it.

Turns out Ray saw her coming, figured she had only one car left in her, and sold her a Firebird Trans Am, with everything but the Bird on the hood. I think it was a turbo V-6- that car was strong, but an automatic. Mom could take her foot off the brake and it would get up to about 35 on its own, no gas necessary. She drove it about 7,000 miles during the rest of her life, mostly to, you guessed it, church on Sundays. I used to love riding with her. She would be stopped at a light burbling away and some kid would roll up in something decent nd look over and just lose it at the sight of a white haired lady with her head barely over the wheel.

I was looking forward to running the ad in Hemmings to sell it, but her plumber bought it- he had watched it for years and gave her fair money when she could drive no longer.



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I'm old, but not a fossil. Give me something from the 70's.

In the meantime, can I pick you guys up anything?




Damn, just missed the honour roll!

38 outta 48 (79%) but I was born in '62 so many of these were still around when I was a little tyke.




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Too bad my dad is so computer illiterate. He would have a balst with that. When we lived in the Valley he and Grandpa had a Texaco station in Studio City. They worked on all those and more. Apparently I was introduced to many movie stars who brought their cars into Dad and Grandpas station. The only one I can really remember is Jack Elam.



60%; and damn lucky to get that. Every one of these had been junked 20+ years before I was born. I don't see the appeal, hard to look at.



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I identified all four hood instruments correctly :lol:

The rest, not so much...