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America's Cup Betting Odds


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Hey there! I saw your old post about America's Cup betting odds, and I still agree that it's always interesting to see the different teams and their odds. I also found it funny that the Italians were rank outsiders.


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If anyone finds odds, post them.
I also wondered why it hadn't come up, can't find odds anywhere.

in the olde days, wasn't betting on yacht racing as bigger as horses and dogs?
One would think that something like the vendee/ocean race would be really exciting for punters, and this far out the AC would be a great book to bet on. Surprising that with a big betting culture and a team there is nothing there for AC37.

Failing that, here are my own thumbsucks for now and moving from this thread to here rather



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where did you find those @shebeen . Meaning which country, because betting is always heavier on the "own" team, so if that were a UK site it would explain why Ineos odds are as they are
I made them up, I have a totally unconfirmed feeling that the poms are doing some game changing stuff behind the scenes - doubt an official book would reflect this.

post your own thumbsucks for fun