Americas Cup, Race 14 and 15


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Jesus! They have wind! Sail in it! Better sailors get the better shifts!!
You want a 3 leg reaching race? Seriously? Can you imagine the shitfight that would happen if they did that?

Some of these posters are obviously not racing sailors...
Done a fair few races here in NZ, thursday night races, and I can tell ya, we race in pretty much anything, 2o knots choppy sea state is nothing. These guys have such a small window its laughable. between 10 and 20 knots, flood tide, from the SW. Thats it. Anything outside and its abandoned. Crazy
I think we already worked out you didn't have much experience in sailing, basically from the extreme level of your schoolgirl whining.

Thank you for confirming it.



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Murray and the judges are doing fine.

Yeah, we're stuck on replays. INTERESTING to review Race 13 and the "FATAL" crossing heading to mark 3, where TuggerT got to ask " is this Hollywood enough" or somesuch. And yes, the judges sat back forever until they decided to give a penalty against TNZ. The virtual eye gave us the REAL picture: a calculated move by TNZ, crossing on Port. An ACTORS HOLLYWOOD performance from ORUS. And the judges sat back and

back and back and finally, with the full knowledge that TNZ could come back and display their finess, they gave the penalty against TNZ.



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When do they take the race committee out the back and shoot 'em? Valid winds to race but not sufficient for the boats to get around the course in the time so races cancelled at the 11th hour. Wind spiking for a couple of seconds over the max limit so races cancelled.

Wind from the wrong direction.

A very limited window to start races.


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