America's Cup takes lead story on Sportscenter


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Not sure if there's a replay online anywhere but it was pretty much lampooned the entire segment. Would be funny to show our kiwi friends so they could see what we are going up against over here to promote our sport.



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No. This was actually on their main broadcast cable channel. The play by play was pathetically given by a person who literally said "there goes the Americans around the corner" while giving a look to the camera that just screamed "are you kidding me? You're making me play by play on sailing get? Really dude?"



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Auckland, NZ
Hey guys, at least sailing and a lot of other special interest sports get coverage on our few main channels here.

Tonight, even though OR won, or berhaps because they won, we can expect to see 10 or 15 minutes coverage during the main news ahour at 1800.



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ESPN is playing on TV's in the bar at the Hilton that I'm at and it is carrying clips of the win, and also bottom of the screen streaming text trailers about it, among the other sports texts.

That gets absolutely ~huge~ attention, it's the biggest single Sports channel in the US. Would be in bars everywhere - airports, homes, you name it. Really surprised me to see it.

edit, heard about it on National Public Radio too, also national

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