An Australian First. We now prosecute our war criminals.


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It's the algorithms programmers create that do that. What parents should do is stop giving their children smartphones while they and their children's teachers teach them how algorithms work and how to avoid being hooked.

And while they are at it, teachers and parents should teach children how to identify a bullshit artist. Just imagine how many political and religious predators would never achieve positions of leadership.
It's not just kids though. Sadly, maybe the kids could teach their parents a thing or two about algorithms. I suspect it's the parents are the problem. Just look at Covid and the posts from people who think the Daily Mail is "news"
Those people have kids. Gawd help them.

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Stan Grant is slammed for brutally shutting down internationally respected barrister on Q+A: 'Always talking over the top of him'​

  • Top lawyer Geoffrey Robertson appeared on Q+A
  • Stan Grant was accused of talking over the lawyer
  • Viewers took to Twitter to voice their anger at host
ABC Q+A host Stan Grant has been slammed for repeatedly talking over a respected barrister who appeared on his show.

Geoffrey Robertson, a world renowned Australian human rights lawyer, appeared on Q+A on Monday night alongside several other guests to discuss topics ranging from the appearance of Neo-Nazis in Melbourne to Australia's gambling laws.

However, viewers were quick to note how Mr Grant appeared to cut across and interrupt Mr Robertson on several occasions.


Stan was looking particularly black during the interview.


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A WOMAN whose boobs are 52 inches across has admitted they're so big that they actually put men off.

Erika took to TikTok to share a video of herself sporting a cropped white T-shirt.


"Guys want to date me until they find out... my chest is 52 inches," she wrote over the top of the clip.

"Yep too much," one person wrote in the comments section.

"Sometimes there is too much of a good thing, just saying," another added.

"Mine is 55 inches and I get all the wrong attention," a third wrote.


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A MODEL with small boobs has revealed that she can go for a run without a bra on… and not even notice.

Kaylee Galloway said that her boobs reduced from the size of “a whole hat” to a “little teacup” basically overnight.


The 20-year-old’s cup size dropped from a C to an A and now she can go on runs without wearing a bra.

Talking to Tik Tok, Kaylee said: “All right, they are so small.

“About a week ago, I went on a whole freaking run.

“I ran five miles and I got back to my house and I realised I was not wearing a bra the entire time.


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