another CF laminating question..

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Working on laying up some CF on a piece that has some sharp angles and was wondering if it was doable to spray some adhesive on the part first, sticking the cloth into place then applying the epoxy.

would the epoxy release the adhesive? or would the adhesive not allow the epoxy to bond to the part?

the part is a wood form.



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Thanks Vegas,

Figured you'd hit it in less than an hour...

do you know if the 11095 would be sold at a box retailer or is it special order.

I have the 3m 70 spray adhesive, maybe i'll try a test piece with that?

and here i thought i had a revolutionary idea...



Is it a structural piece or more aesthetic?

If it is more structural you may consider vac bagging it, making sure you leave a bunch of bag as not to create bridging and winding up with a big slug of glue in the sharp corners -

if it is more for looks - the off the shelf stuff will do ya just fine

FYI, that is for infused laminates, meaning that the adhesive dissolves in the resin system and it is meant to be bagged. If you are wet-laminating I would recommend putting down a thickened slurry before laminating. It is best to wet out light reinforcements (i.e. cosmetic twill) on the job, heavier reinforcements should be wet-out beforehand to ensure proper wet-out. Peel-ply is a must for proper laminating, as is a consolidator, and heat helps very much when consolidating.



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I make channels and things with sharp angles by forming them between timber battens screwed together . Wrap all the battens in parcel tape, put the laminate in between then screw it together.

you end up with screw holes in you finished piece but just fill them.


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Just a quick PSA to close the loop on this thread.

Did a test layup w 6oz cloth CF/ West epoxy over a wood 1" square corner.

Sprayed 3M 77 adhesive onto just the wood part, very light spray amount.

Tacked the cloth down tight over the corner and to both adjacent sides, and let set a few minutes.

Epoxied over the cloth with a short bristle brush, trying to push the epoxy through the weave, then went

back w several strokes across the top of the cloth to get a full wet out.

Result, Part came out Perfect! Cloth stayed tight to the sharp corner of the part. (without the adhesive would definitely have

lifted on either side of the corner.) epoxy cured as normal, and CF was bonded securely to the part.

now on to my project part, I will reply back if any different results occur.

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You can also use the same epoxy as you use for the cloth. Give the part a light coat and wait for it to go to tack. Place the cloth over the top (you only get one go at positioning it), then wet out.

The only hassle is if you're doing a small job you waste a bit of epoxy when doing the first coat - if the surface is smooth and well prepared, a little goes a very long way.


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