Another Day Another Shooting


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Thoughts and prayers yeah right.
Most countries in the world do not accept this as “normal”
Polis getting paid off by the gun lobby is not normal.

From HuffPost

Multiple people were killed and others were reported injured by a gunman at a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Tuesday night, city officials said.
The shooting took place just after 10 p.m. local time while the store was still open to the public. One person was found dead outside the front entrance of the Walmart, but most of the victims were found inside the store, police told WAVY-TV.

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Mr. Kosinski did not say exactly how many people had been fatally shot, but he said he believed it was “less than 10.”

Is that good or bad? It's hard to know from this part of the world.

Well, there is a threshold for being classified as a “mass shooting/killing”. For me, that would be any number greater than 0.

“More guns is the answer” will be heard, soon.


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7 deaths.
At least seven people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a Walmart supermarket in Chesapeake, in the US state of Virginia, officials say.
A man, believed to be the store manager, opened fire then turned the gun on himself, and is now dead.

Other countries like Switzerland have high gun owner ship.
I know people want it to be about guns. But is it?
Or is it something deeper in the culture that makes men go out and kill multiple strangers for no apparent reason. No one else does this with the frequency that it happens in the USA. So you can't blame video games either.
US Military conditioning within the culture maybe? A history of wiping out opposition? natives, strikers, students? etc. Stunted emotions? Lack of genuine respect for life? General immaturity?
I dunno.
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7 dead 5 wounded

Switzerland is the size of Rhode Island

America is full of angry people and

Wait for it




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Latest, an employee that topped himself.

Because that's FREEDOM writ large! Freedom to work for starvation wage and paltry benefits for a faceless corporation which twists the gov't to benefit itself; and blame a fictional cultural trope... leading to a life of despair and hopelessness.

FREE AS FUCK! More gunz please!


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This template may help for future events in the following week.

Mass shooting in _________, USA kills ___​

__________, USA — Up to ___ people were killed and ____ more injured after a gunman opened fire at a ________.

There were conflicting reports about casualties, but _______ from _______County Sheriff Department said the number is at __.

“I heard a popping sound and screaming,” said _________, a _________ at the __________. “And that’s when we all got down. There was ______ everywhere.”

Citizens of _______ were ______ and ______ to hear that something like this could happen in their community.

President _______ and Governor _______ had their _______ and _______ with the victims and their families