Any good reading suggestions - Not just sailing

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HMS Ulysses, followed by all the other Alastair McClean thrillers, but IMHO that’s the best.

Anything nautical by Nicholas Montserrat but especially The Master Mariner, The Cruel Sea and HMS Marlborough Will Enter Harbour.

Hasn’t anyone mentioned Patrick O’ Brian yet??? For gorgeous escapism.

Without Remorse, Tom Clancy’s best (IMO)

The Iliad

Slow Horses and the res of the Mick Herron books. In order.

Jack Whyte’s King Arthur collection (9 books)

For now…


I find historical fiction enjoyable. Learn a great deal about ancient peoples - Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Medieval times, etc. I don't go in for fantasy and find that it pays to check up on the authors drive for accuracy and fact before jumping into one of their books. Some authors I've enjoyed:

Ben Cane
Conn Iggulden (the books on the great Khans are very well done)
Bernard Cornwell - lots to choose from
Ken Follet

Can provide more info for anyone interested.

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Mary Rennault's book on Alexander The Great.

+1 for Bernard Cornwell also. I've really liked a couple of his books.

Kenneth Roberts, the best of that era/genre IMHO. Not primarily a sailing tale writer but many of his books have characters that are seamen, or make voyages, one is about privateers, and they're impeccable. His telling of the campaign leading up to the Battle of Valcour Island makes you feel like you were there (Rabble In Arms).
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I recently read The Feather Thief by Kirk Johnson. It’s about a robbery at the British Museum of Natural History. Rare feathers were taken to be used for fly tying. Great book.

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Currently on the Slough House series by Mick Herron. Almost as fun as Le Carre.

I watched the first episode of the Slow Horses series with Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott Thomas. It promises to be great on its own, but I decided to read the books first then watch.


Iggulden's 4-book arc on the War of the Roses does a better job of illuminating that period in British history than just about any history book I've read. Plus it's a fun read.
I've read some of those also and, like you, felt I learned a great deal. Great writer.

Great audio books concerning Henry VIII and the War of the Roses all by CW Gortner:

The Tudor Secret
The Tudor Conspiracy
The Tudor Vendetta

Strange times and a whole lot of extremely greedy people. The whole mess with the Boleyn family alone proves that truth is frequently much stranger than fiction.

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Gonna toss this one in. A Bill Bryson book. I first read one of his books "A Walk in the Woods" after seeing the movie of the same title with Redford and Nolte. I enjoyed the movie so I read the book. That led me to the next Bryson book I read "A Short History of Nearly Everything" - stellar. Now I'm listening to his book "One Summer, America 1927". A remarkably in depth snapshot of the major events and people of the year and the years just surrounding. Everything from Lindberg's flight to Babe Ruth. So much I didn't know. I'm 1/2 way through it (listen while walking the dogs) and I can already recommend it.

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