Anyone have a vyacht wifi router unit?

I bought a wifi router / nmea2000 converter from, and am having some difficulty getting it working. The maker is in Sweden and we haven't had much luck figuring out the problem remotely. While I could send it back to him for troubleshooting, I'd prefer to chat with someone who's set it up and has it running locally before doing so.

Please PM me if you can help. Also posting this in Fix-It.

Update - looks like the problem was with the pair (!) of Garmin GFS-10 Fuel Flow sensors, or how I had them connected. Once I connected a GPS antenna and a depth transducer (thanks, Defender Warehouse Sale), the data flowed as expected.

Now I need to figure out if I actually got two bad sensors, or I'm an idiot. Statistically speaking...nevermind.


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