Anyone know what brand this cutlass bearing is?


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Neighbor hoped to ID. I don't know.

cutlass bearing.jpg
cutlass bearing.jpg

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anyone want take a shot at that anodes usefullness ?

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^^^^^ what he said. The set screw on the stainless stator are known to slip time to time, and the easiest work around is to just clamp an anode on there as a backup. Usually use the donut type rather than the football type, but end result is the same.


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Not being used as an anode, it's a safety to keep the SS shaft seal from moving away from the carbon face seal.
I think the manufacturer does not recommend using a zinc as a retainer, since it may erode. At least that was the case when I spoke with their tech folks a few years ago.


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I used a hose clamp on mine after the stainless collar slipped forward and started sinking the boat.

Given the mass and size of the prop blades a hose clamp screw on one side has neg. effects on shaft balance.

Shaft couplings are not evenly distributed in weight but nobody worries about them.



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These coupling look like they have pretty symmetrical mass distribution. Maybe not ported & polished, but close
True but they could easily be unbalanced by the gram or two of unbalance a hose clamp would introduce.

We aren't talking about an 8000 RPM engine here.