Are they feeling empowered by what is happening, here?

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Germany: 25 arrested on suspicion of planning armed coup

Thousands of police officers carried out raids across much of Germany on Wednesday against suspected far-right extremists who allegedly sought to overthrow the government in an armed coup. Officials said 25 people were detained.

Federal prosecutors said some 3,000 officers conducted searches at 130 sites in 11 of Germany's 16 states. While police raids against the far right are not uncommon in the country — still sensitive to its grim Nazi past — the scale of the operation was unusual.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann described the raids as an “anti-terrorism operation,” adding that the suspects may have planned an armed attack on institutions of the state.

Germany's top security official said the group was “driven by violent coup fantasies and conspiracy ideologies.”

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Saw this on the morning new... good grief!
The prince they are focused on seems like a sad old man. I'm sure they din't show him at his best though.


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Probably, but not directly. I don't think any of those folks wake up and are all "Yea, MAGA! Long live Orange Jesus!" I think they have their own reasons for doing what they do.

That being said, US economic policy is driving pain which promotes nationalism and bumfuckery. Shit rolls down hill. Europe is bleeding and we're caught in Triffin's Dilemma, throwing salt into their wounds. To slow US inflation, we need to raise rates which increases the pressure on other currencies - such as the Euro, Yen, and Pound - making their cost of doing business go up meaning their profits are down, growth decreases, unemployment goes up, etc. That, on top of the energy costs from sanctions just puts them horribly behind the 8-ball. They have no control of their destiny and frankly, US domestic politics > european politics.

So we didn't plant the seeds but we are adding fertilizer.
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That element has been there since '45, but usually they're a bit more timid. They believe Germany never surrendered in WW2.