Arrest DeSantis and Abbott: It's a federal crime to knowingly transport undocumented persons across state lines.


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Along with Rhonda. I'm amazed the DOJ hasn't arrested that slimebag already.
Merrick is prolly quietly working on it, but hey its getting close to election time, he might have to hit pause.
Lots to look at including financial ties to the airline providing taxpayer funded vacations to Martha Vineyard
Meanwhile some very appreciative Venezuelans are so grateful for being fast tracked to Green Card status, thanks Ron.

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One thing for sure, if this isn't resolved before election time then the Florida election should be thrown out.
Resolve what? The fact that Orange County polling places are all available to vote at? Compared the the other counties where the vast majority are unusable?

PBS. Here is a more accurate story on the decision without the partisan spin


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Ron DeSantis' Martha's Vineyard Stunt Might Help Migrants Stay in the U.S. on Special Visas

This development in DeSantis' Martha's Vineyard stunt speaks to how counterproductive showy immigration enforcement schemes can be. Often done in the name of fiscal responsibility, moves in Texas and Florida have racked up massive bills at taxpayers' expense. The Martha's Vineyard flights have also landed DeSantis in the Treasury Department inspector general's crosshairs: The governor is now under investigation for potential misuse of federal COVID-19 funds to cover the flights.

Judging by his actions, DeSantis is no champion of immigrants. But because of how the migrant flights have backfired, he could prove to be an inadvertent helper to some.

In addition to being a stupid stunt that backfired, it's another panicdemic pork boondoggle.


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The Department of Treasury through the Deputy Inspector General Richard Delmar has opened an investigation into Ron DeSantis for his human trafficking operation of kidnapping Venezuelan asylum seekers in Texas.

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