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Is Bruce the new Bent? 
Seems so. Pity Bent has gone - even though he'd have been in furious agreement with Bruce, the post counts and length of verbiage would have been impressive.

Good to see that I haven't missed a thing while spending the last 3 days off sailing down the Channel. Truly impressive amount of smoke at sunrise this morning though.



No I didn't start any other thread, but since you are here you can join in - how come some jurys find  a boat on port tack has to give way to a boat on starboard tack yet others don't? And another - is it a rule 69 offense to publicly question the findings of a jury?

Thanks in advance.
Let me help you.  In the first instance the port tack chap was richer than the people he ran into.  In the latter he wasn't as rich as the other people.

Really simple.