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Jimmy Spithill (or "James" as he seems known as lately) hasn't rested much since his historical, incredible come-from-behind victory for the America's Cup. He spit champagne on Jay Leno last week, delivered a hilarious interview to Stephen Colbert, and even dropped in for the Facebook Generation on an interactive Deadspin chat.

But now it's time for some real questions from some real sailors, and we all know what that means: A Mr. Clean Skype Innerview with Anarchist-sourced grilling!

So if you want to know what Spithill eats for breakfast or where he poops when racing, don't go here. If, however, you want to ask some great questions of the Aussie superstar, hit the thread. Best two questions get a new Sailing Anarchy hat or belt.


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Hey Jimmy,

1.) I have a few bits of OR72 B1s wing in my closet in a trash bag. What should I do with them?

2.) Maybe you would like to keep a couple of them to show to your kids or grandkids one day? In any case, any chance you would autograph one of them for me ... maybe even the fastest one? :D ... next time you defend?




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Jimmy - An awful lot of people got gobsmacked by the AC72's.

If the AC72's do see a Version 2 then what improvements would you like to see?

Aside from the cost-cutting: What is there to look forward to, with the possibility of going to a smaller foiling cat? Could the racing and the spectacle really be as good as AC34?

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Jimmy -

When I was in SF watching the first 4 days of racing, I was yelling at you guys from shore - "QUIT FUCKING PINCHING!"

I just want to know if you plan on sending me a consulting check for services rendered.


1. There have been stories about how much data collection was done on the boat, and how the data was used to optimize the wing and tuning of the boat. When you are driving what data/metrics/ratios are you watching, and has America's Cup racing entered the age of sailing by numbers and data and no longer by feel?

Follow up: How much driving do you do by feel? and how with all the data available to you do you fit it into your process?

2. Is Jay Leno's chin bigger in real life?

3. When the boat is doing 40 knots boat speed, and 18-20 VMG does the .5 to 1 knot current difference on either side of the course really have any measurable effect? Were you guys even concerned with it?

4. How do you find puffs when traveling at 40knots. Do you even notice them, when you get in them? Or do you only find out after the fact when looking at BS over time.

5. Whats your secret in pre starts? How do walk the line between reckless abandon and safely getting to the line on time.



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Questions from me:

Now that AC 34 is in the books, how much of the core team is staying on the payroll?

Will ORTUSA consider any other circuits or big events like the TP 52s, VOR, Vendee, World Match racing, etc. between now and the ramp up to AC 35?

Is there any thought about modifying one of the boats to try and set an all out speed record?

Question from my wife:

Boxers or briefs?



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Hey Jimmy - what's going to happen to the existing 72's? I got so addicted to watching them - I'd love to see AC72 fleet racing on TV each week.


Drew P. Hike

Jimmy, do you think we here at SA look like total D'Bags for bashing the cup for years and sending me (Clean) to some obscure regatta instead of being in San Fran where we could have reported on the true success that the cup turned out to be and now trying to ask some clever questions so that we seem relevant again?



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South Coast, UK
King James. You do know the last King James (II) wasn't such a big hit? The English got rid of him in the Glorious Revolution.

OK, a question. Do you think there would have still been a close final if boat #1 hadn't pitchpoled and OR had had another 4 months of development time?

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AC72's: Cayard said flying an AC72 with adjustable main foil only is like racing a car backwards.

Are active foil controls for rudder or main foil being considered for the next cup?



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HIYC: Are you excited about an Australian challenge?

The Aussies have been out of the game for a long time now. But there were three of you in the back the boat this cup. If NZ can put together such a credible challenge - surely you feel that Australia can too?


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