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Long time Anarchy fan Alex Thomson wants to answer all of your questions, and there's always plenty to ask when we speak to the charismatic British offshore racer. He's agreed to do an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) via the SA Forum, Facebook, and Twitter, so here's your chance to get info on his excellent mast walk, the value of PR Stunts, how to keep a sponsor happy, what it's like being the top Brit in a Frenchman's game, what his plans are for the various IMOCA/Ocean Master events this year, what's the goss on the UK's chance at an America's Cup, and anything else you like. We'll add up all the questions and get AT to hit them one by one in a Skype chat with Mr. Clean that we'll have up and running by the end of the weekend.

Post questions right here in this thread, or send them in to our Twitter page or on Facebook with the hashtag #AlexThomsonAMA. And while you're at it, have a look at the Aussie Sailing Team's piss-take of AT's mast walk posted a few days back. Hilarious stuff, and a good example of why we love Australians.

Has the team bought the ex-VPLP 60' from the last Vendee, and have you sold the Farr used in the last edition as I've heard it has been entered in the next Barcelona under Neutrogena's colours



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Alex, In watching the Vendee Globe over the years I have always wondered about the terrible frustration and financial cost of boats that have withdrawn from the race over very small and easy to fix things that have broken. Sponsoring companies must get rather upset to see their millions of dollars go to waste when a simple thing breaks and the boat is forced to pull out.

What is your opinion (and other racers too) about allowing boats to make stops for repairs during the race? Perhaps a 24 hour minimum stop penalty would be applied to dissuade stops for mere convenience. What do you think?



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Could you see yourself campaigning anything else other than the IMOCA 60 following the next vendee globe? (VOR, multi 50 etc.)

Also how does the cost of refitting an existing 60 compare to designing and building a new one? (Thinking cost of black and white JK 60 vs banque populaire ex Foncia built at a similar time)

Finally, how much does each suit cost that you end up swimming in?



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Theire is passistente roumoures that you somtiimes poeste undere namme Snaggletooth. Ist this triue?

Inquierey mindes wante to no.



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How do you deal with fatigue:

Namely after say, day 3 when the adrenaline starts to wane and you've settled into your race?

There's got to be a time when you wake from a "sleep" and think to yourself- fuck this, I'm rolling over for a few more min.



Is there ever a moment in a race where you just kinda kick back and think about how amazing it is to be 2000 miles from land and sailing the speeds you do?



If I had my legs back, I'd kick your ass in Single Handed sailing.....Are you Scared Yet?? :)


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Do you wear a suit and tie in the Southern Oceans?

And whilst I think both the keel and mast walks were amazing, can I respectfully request that you could work some smokin hot tits into the next one.



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