Asym Sheet Length Question

I just purchased a Viper 830 and need to upgrade the running rigging.  I'd like to do this over the winter, but am reluctant as I wont be able to sail the boat, to see if the current rigging lengths are correct.  I measured the old sheets and they are 55' w/ 12' of taper each, which seems on the short side.  Could the peanut gallery please chime in with thoughts or any riggers with a best practice method for determining length please pipe up?  A internet search turns up 2x boat length for symmetrical kites and 2.5 boat length for asymmetrical kites. The Viper is 28' long and we companionway launch the kite.  Thanks!


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Asso sheets should be long enough so that when the sheet is 'lazy' it has sufficient length to allow the kite to be gybed outside. To measure this, first straighten the foot and measure the foot length between the tack point and the clew point. Now take a line from that distance in front of the boat, lead it back under the boat, around the keel, around the prop shaft or leg, jamb it between the top of the rudder and the hull, then lead it over the stern, around the wheel or tiller and then to a winch with a riding turn. Now measure that line, have two made up and you are ready for your first asso Gybe.




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Can you raise the sail for a test-fit?

Mine are long enough to go from the cockpit around the forestay and back on the other side as far as I can sheet the sail in with enough slack to not hang up a gybe.