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At my funeral, the song(s) will be....

Point Break

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Long Beach, California
Is that a standard firefighter protocol? That was played at my friends services. He was a captain with Ventura FD.
Interesting history. When big cities first began to hire full time firefighters it was considered a fairly menial low level profession and as such many came from recent immigrants which at the time were often Irish. Hence the cultural connection to bagpipes and other things Irish that endures to this day. So bagpipes at funerals is a frequent tradition.

A couple videos I’ll post next are from the annual ceremony at the Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Colorado Springs. It is an annual ceremony attended by thousands.

First is the day of the actual ceremony when the names of the fallen from the past year are inscribed on the wall. Worth noting that everyone marching in the massed pipes and drums is an active or retired firefighter most donating their time.

Next will be the “parade” down the Main Street attired in the “informal” uniforms of personal kilts etc. This is a prelude to everyone adjourning to the local bars to drink in memory and celebration of those departed.

Third is the massed “Amazing Grace” which is always the last moment before the crowd heads into the local bars.


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