At my funeral, the song(s) will be....

Ed Lada

Super Anarchist
At my wake naturally I would like there to be a lot of Springsteen music. But especially this one. I saw Bruce at a concert in Ludwigshafen Germany in 2003 just a few days before the Barcelona concert where this video was recorded in 2003.

And the theme song of my life of course.


Fat Point Jack

Super Anarchist
My old boss asked what was the last song I wanted to hear before passing.

I said The Allman Bros, Live at the Filmore, You Don't Love Me.

The next day I asked to change my choice to The Allman Bros. Eat A Peach, Mountain Jam. It lasts longer.

The last funeral song: Jimi Hendrix, Voodoo Chile.

Point Break

Super Anarchist
Long Beach, California
This always brings up an interesting observation for me. We all have this notion of what our funeral should be like after we’re dead. Except we’re gone. We won’t be there to observe. So we have this desire to somehow script and therefore have some control over what will happen as if it would matter somehow to us. Same thing with our ashes. “I want them spread here or there”. As if we’ll somehow like where the ashes are. Is it vanity? Perhaps it’s better left to those who are still alive to decide, after all funerals are actually for the living. As my own sunset is not a specific date but certainly a known time frame……it’s something I think about.


Super Anarchist
This is the funeral scene from the movie 'Captain Fantastic'. We could all wish for such a send-off.