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Melbourne, Australia
Yes, was at rycv a while back but I haven't been there for a while
She is parked on a private marina berth on the south side of Docklands,  a few hundred metres downstream from Yarra's Edge Marina. Sadly, she hasn't moved from there for a long time.




she was light blue originally IIRC, red trim stripes
Yeah, a light Bluey/grey with red pin stripes. I remember her arrival to the Aussie racing scene and thinking she was a glamour, then getting the opportunity to do a race on her at Hammo race week as a teenage kid was like dream come true....Think it was 1990?



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The Rx sticker would look much nicer on her original silver livery. Pooh Brown is most unbecoming for any yacht.
Totally agree that the original grey was a glamour look with the tiny red striping.  I remember her being referred to as "the pretty boat" by a number of the barflies of the time.

The best thing about the poo brown,  (we preferred to pretend it was gold),  was that it covered up the white with a green coke style wave of the Jaguar years.

Having said that I have a photo from a Hobart in her "Maserati period" around 2004 or 5 where there is a bit on and the sea is black with a fair few whitecaps,  and she is powered up with the black main (with white Maserati signage) and a black #3 and the photographer has got her full broadside lifting on a sea with the sun spotlighting her.  In that 1 photo the gold looks spectacular.

Take the sun away,  poo brown again.



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Southern Ocean

Yeah, I'm just trying to bait Livia;)


She's looking good.
Yeah, had to leave the Far South for a bit.

In my part of the world when you say “I am going up town” for the newbies that means Hobart but for the rest of us that means Huonville.

Actually stuck in Qld with the lockdown so JB is getting the little boat sorted.

First anti foul since re- launching coming up over 2 1/2 years

Advantage of the Kermandie river - salt part of the year and fresh part of the year.

The power boat got out to 5 years.


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