Aussies Salute New King!


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Amusing thread.
Just like to point out to those who state that Aussies have or had an affection for the queen.
Modern Australia is truly a country of immigrants. Only about 50% have British ancestry and a hell of a lot of those, their ancestry is Irish.

Many over 60's grew up with the queen, her picture hanging in primary schools, raising the Jack on Monday morning etc.
Most of that disappeared in the 70's.
IMHO, Australians over 50 may have a mild affection for Elizabeth, regard Charles with mild contempt.
Under 50's may love the fairy tales of royalty, Who was that Australian woman that married the prince of Denmark? Ophelia?
Under 40's couldnt give a RATS about the Queen.

Our conundrum with our head of state simply arises from a "What's the Alternative to a GG"

And then we look at America and Trump and go back to watching re runs of Neighbours.


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Oh FFS, this guy's our new King?


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There was an interesting and quite accurate comment on the news today.

Everywhere in the world if you mentioned "The Queen" everyone thought of Liz.

Not the Queen of the Netherlands or the Queen of Sweden or the Queen of Spain.


Or the Queen of Denmark, or the Queen of Norway. Amazing how those “radically” socialist Scandinavian countries manage to accommodate them and also have among the highest living standards and happiest people in the world.

Interesting also that in the list of best countries to live in/quality of life, countries with ”ceremonial” royalty occupy the top four places and seven out of ten of the top 10 places.

USA is 20th by the way, with another four “royalties” ahead of it.

Perhaps Elizabeth 2 is more recognised also because she was ruling Queen, whereas the others, apart from Margrethe 2 of Denmark, are all wives of ruling kings. Margarethe 2 is now sole ruling Queen and a distant cousin of Elizabeth 2.
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I see our resident attention seeking moron is once again speaking on behalf of all Australians (particularly those under 40, which is odd given she is in her late 60’s)

Interestingly only a few days ago she was posting that as non Australians she and Shaq were better placed than Australians to objectively look at the indigenous issue.

She is completely fucked in the head.


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All Euro royalty is inbred. Until the last century it was essentially unheard of for them to marry outside other royalty.

Most of them have Victoria in their ancestry.

Where do you think the "Hapsburg lip" came from - or hemophilia?


"Breeding" was crucial to all the Euro aristocracy - they just didn't make the distinction from inbreeding.

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"Breeding" was crucial to all the Euro aristocracy - they just didn't make the distinction from inbreeding.

In much earlier days didn't they breed with aristocracy from other countries, to keep friendly ties between what otherwise might not be so friendly??


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That was the idea - corporate mergers.

It was only good for a while then they all became cousins and the inbreeding slide began.

Note the Battenbergs on that flow chart - Mountbatten was the anglicized version - as in Lord Louis, Chucks uncle. I believe Phil was one as well.