Australian fauna will not only kill you, they glow in the dark


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I just stumbled on this.

Looking's not just extinct TT's you have to worry about.

Following the accidental discovery by scientists in the United States that platypuses glow under UV light, further tests by Australian scientists show other mammals and marsupials also glow.

Key points:​

  • Scientists around the world have excited by the discovery that some marsupials and mammals, including platypuses and wombats biofluoresce under UV light
  • Biofluorescence is a glow-in-the-dark phenomenon where light waves are absorbed and re-emitted based on the properties of the fur or skin of the animal
  • More research is required to understand why these animals glow under UV light

Biofluorescence has long been known to occur in some insects and sea creatures, but it was unknown that it occurred in other Australian mammals until earlier this month, when scientists at the Western Australian Museum rushed to check their specimen drawers to factcheck the US report.


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Goode thouht! Disscrimination wase moire widley acceptted backed then, clubs coude of researved the rite to notte searve theire kinde.
I am just saying the proliferation of blacklights and fluorescent posters at that time was a huge deal. I would have thought somebody would have shined one on a wombat sooner.


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Adgreede. A gloweng wombat on dancefloore coude of beene discovered earliere hade we beene moire inclussieve.

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