autohelm motor drive connector


I have the st4000 autohelm and the rubber boot and connector to the motor drive has fallen apart.  There is a replacement cable A18061 that is not too pricey but the connector seems to be of pretty poor quality to break down so quickly.  Has anyone found a replacement connector that will either fit directly into the motor drive unit or one where both sides of the plug can be replaced fairly cleanly?  It is a two pin connector.  


El Borracho

Sam’s friend
Pacific Rim
That connector is crap and cannot be improved. I cut it off. Put on spade crimps. Mounted a terminal strip inside a nearby cockpit pocket. Zero problems over thousands of tough sea miles. Takes a screwdriver and a minute to connect and disconnect but well worth the effort. Also drilled a hole in the bottom of the drive unit to let the water run out. Better that than soak the motor in seawater.