B 36.7 vs C&C 110


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Ploch had his time in the sun during the late 80's with the sometimes televised Ultimate Zip Lock series in the Ultimate 30's. Last I heard of him he was doing tactician gigs in Key West on a friends IMX 38 in the late 90's before that event started hitting the skids. It was a gas watching his U30 on board cam stuff, (was it the Chattanooga Chew boat?). They couldn't playback anything he was saying. It was all F this and F that....Good stuff.

Time to Chime....I've owned and raced a 110 for 10 years. Its a great all around boat...does well in 3 to 15 knots TWS. Above that the light weight boats go a bit better down wind, but the weight of the 110 will do better in the same conditions upwind. I've had a "higher profile" professional sailor on the boat that complimented the balance of the helm In LW/WW courses sym boats will likely always have an advantage to asym boats, however tactics, boat handling, and trim still wins the day. I sail my boat solo against crewed boats and hold my own buoy racing or distance races. The rating of 81 is fair. The boat is set up to be sailed short handed. If raced crewed I would advise swapping the position of the fore and aft winches in the cockpit so that the larger ones are forward or just replace the forward winches with larger ones. I also race against 115 and 36.7's. The 115 has non overlapping jibs and a bigger main to make up for it. the 110 is rated fairly against the 115. The cherry wood interior of the c&c's is warm and comfortable. Its a solid boat. Believe it or not, I'm pretty sure a 36.7 has never corrected over me..had to throw that one in, but its true. You would not make a mistake in buying a 110. Boats since the end of 2004 were epoxy hulls and carbon masts. I paid market value for the boat in 2006 and asking price on the web is comparable to what I paid..beat that...if it has value to you...good luck in your quest.


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